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Our business was started in 2000 by two friends who love to help women and men with their hair and nails and want to help them look and feel their very best. The business is located in the heart of downtown and has two locations, one at the corner of 7th and L.E. and the other in the old City Hall building.

We are a family owned salon located in the heart of Lakewood, Colorado. We are an all-inclusive hair salon, specializing in cutting-edge hair styling, hair care, and hair styling services. We are located at 1005 W. Main St. in Lakewood, Colorado. You will find us located on a street corner, across the street from our business or in a nearby shopping center.

Hair Salon is a modern, trendy salon that has been providing the highest quality salon services in the Greater Cincinnati area for nearly 25 years. We have been in business for over a decade, have many satisfied clients, and don't have a single complaint. We pride ourselves on providing a unique, custom service. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality products at a price we can afford. We pride ourselves on providing a clean and hygienic environment, with high quality amenities and staff who know their hair. We pride ourselves on being flexible, and working with clients who don't always fit into our standard salon models.

It’s our mission to help make your beauty routine truly effortless. We offer a variety of salon services, from manicures and pedicures, to pedicures, waxing, eyelash extensions, facials, and hair extensions. We work with a variety of customers, from new moms to older generations. We pride ourselves on your experience at the salon. The name is a combination of the word ‘barber’ and ‘beauty’. We are a barber shop and salon located in the heart of West Sacramento. We are a small boutique with a beautiful location and a large selection of products. We are committed to providing a friendly and professional experience to our customers. We are proud to offer the best barbering services to our customers.

We have been providing professional hairstylists with the best hairstylists in the industry since 2008. We have a strong passion for hair styling and customer service. We strive to help our customers achieve the best look possible by providing the most value for money. We provide the best services in our industry. We are dedicated to helping you with your hair care needs.

We are an all inclusive salon that offers all cut serives. We are the ultimate salon for the modern woman. We also have a full salon that caters for men. We provide all cut serives from the newest to the classic. We are the ultimate salon for women and we have the best cut serives in the country. We are also the perfect fit for a modern man and his needs.

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